Young Knight trained in the Mystical Arts, 185cm, 85kg


There is nothing to draw attention to Aeric from his appearance, which is how he likes it. To his mind he has led an unremarkable life, though ask him and you might beg to differ.

Aeric has dark short-cropped and often messy hair, shaves rarely enough to keep himself from having a long beard and always wears poorly-kept travel clothes. By his side is his sword and he wears chain-mail armour beneath a blue tabard and standard helm.

Do not be fooled by the ‘average’ appearance though – there is more to Aeric than meets the eye. Quick witted and equally swift of hand, Aeric is a match for any in a fight.

Aeric has few tales to tell of any interest, having devoted his time to study, prayer, meditation and combat training. He feels ready to take on any challenge and may come across as a little headstrong given the depth of his preparations for adventuring life.


Aeric’s goal is simply to become a knight. His benefactor and knight has recently passed away, and it is time for this young squire to step out on his own to find adventure himself.


Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand... HeBlackarm