Almaric of Crescentium

Tall and broad-shouldered young warrior. Light blond hair worn shoulder length. Scarred face. Deep tanned skin. Intense azure blue eyes.


Tall and broad-shouldered, Almaric is a well-built lad of not more than 20 winters. His blond hair, bleached to a light golden color by constant exposure to an unforgiving sun in a foreign land, is worn shoulder-length and frames a youthful face yet unlined by cares and worries. Anyone gazing upon his face however, would experience an involuntary urge to look away in fear – the right side of his face, from forehead to jawline, is marred by an angry jagged slash scar that narrowly missed his right eye. Although long since healed, the scar will forever mar what was once a rather comely face for the rest of the lad’s life. His eyes however, are an intense azure blue, blazing fiercely with quiet confidence and courage.

His skin is deeply tanned. His features, apart from the scar, reveal a rather active outdoor lifestyle primarily occupied by martial training, hunting, and soldiering under a blazing sun.

Dressed in dusty plate armor of good quality though dented in a couple of places, the youth is certainly no stranger to fighting and war. His sword, sheathed in a well-worn scabbard, is well maintained with a keen cutting edge and a carefully sharpened point. Wearing his weapons and armor in an easy manner, the lad could easily have passed off for a grizzled war veteran if not for his youth.


Almaric of Crescentium

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