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Every land needs a strong ruler. Or so you have been told. And you are lucky. The man who rules the land where you live is such a man. Noble in manner and Royal by birth. Under his rule, your borders are secure, and even the lowliest peasant lives in a state approaching some sort of comfort.

The land in question is the Isle of Stam, which lies of the coast of – and is part of – the Kingdom of Albion. A Kingdom which enjoys none of these advantages. It has a weak King – people are saying it openly now and rumbles have begun on your island.

Isle of stam

Your Lord – the Lord of Stam – is Edmin. Prince Edmin, though he uses the title little. Son of a King and Great Uncle to the current King, he was a great warrior Lord in his youth, and even as a whitebearded man is still a figure of strength and power. You have heard rumours – everybody has – that some have suggested the Kingdom would be better if he was in charge. You have heard much stronger rumours that Stam might be better off if it cast itself adrift from a Kingdom in turmoil.

Such things – they are not really things you know much about. You are young. And you are looking for a life a little different from the norm. You have heard the stories of people making their fortune – the adventuring life – and have decided that a time of turmoil might be a time of opportunity. But perhaps you are not quite ready to leave this island and perhaps some adventure can be found here.

Main Page

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